are there many hotels near nec birmingham!
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Nec or National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is connected to different roads which are some of the busiest routes in the area. Nec is famous for holding various exhibitions or shows like clothes, car, dogs etc and the best exhibition that has been held there was the motor show. The hotels near nec are always full when these sort of events are on.

People from faraway place come to Birmingham to either anticipate in the exhibitions or enjoy the chocolates at Cadbury world. In either cases, they can find many hotels near nec birmingham and also thethomas land hotel can be found. During the time of holidays, all the hotels are jam packed with tourists and you might struggle to find a hotel room near nec. Close to the NEC are spas in worcestershire if you fancy chilling out for the day instead.

The rate of the rooms depends on holidays and the location and whether they offer one of the high end spas in west midlands. If you want to stay near nec in Birmingham and that too during holidays time, than the rates will be touching the sky. While in off season, it is easier to find a hotel with good room and service at a very reasonable price.

So plan your trip according to the amount of money you are planning to spend. All the hotels near nec Birmingham provide great service and give a beautiful view of the place.

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